SKC 4 - USA 2023

Unleash the Fury: SKC 4! Live Kickboxing Show Set to Rock the Southeast!
Raul Diaz & WKA USA presents Southeast K1 4 on Friday 15th September 2023. Check out another adrenaline-pumping, non-stock kickboxing action.
Event starts at 7 pm and includes 2 WKA Title fights.

1. Reed Shoolbred (Electric City MMA) vs. Joseph Acosta (CSC RVA) STYLE: K1
2. TJ Brown (Spartan Academy) vs. Gabe Brown (Evolve Boxing Club) STYLE: K1
3. Kendra Alspach (Raja Academy) vs. Megan Culver (Real Fighters Gym) STYLE: K1
4. Joey Pelletier (Spartan Academy) vs. Devin O'Driscoll (Triumph Fight Academy) STYLE: K1
5. Eden Maney (Temple Muay Thai) vs. Brandon Halley (Black Label Martial Arts) STYLE: K1
6. Clayton Jones (Spartan Academy) vs. Pierce Wells (Real Fighters Gym) STYLE: K1
7. Elijah Valentine (Shidokan Atlanta) vs. Colby Koste (Independent) STYLE: K1
8. Aidan Stoughton (Spartan Academy) vs. James Fair (Manifest Martial Arts) STYLE: K1
9. Christian Williams (Rogue Combat Club) vs. Isai Marquez (Mac's Gym) STYLE: K1
10. Adekunle Olusanya (Manifest Martial Arts) vs. Francisco Cardenas (SHIFT Combat Sports) STYLE: K1
11. Brandon Holmes (TNT Martial Arts) vs. Phill Morgan (Bangkok Boxing) STYLE: K1
12. Duece Carter (Rogue Combat Club) vs. Josh Otero (SHIFT Combat Sports) STYLE: K1
13. Ismail Muhammad (Ever Ready Muay Thai) vs. Richard Cooke (CSC RVA) STYLE: GLORY
14. KJ Franklin (Spartan Academy) vs. Jason Jones (World Kickboxing Academy) STYLE: K1 Pro
15. Adrian Weathersby (Shidokan Atlanta) vs. Drew Gigax (KBC Garage) STYLE: K1 Pro