Battle of Lake Lanier - USA 2023

Full Throttle Fitness and Richard Trammell present the Battle of Lake Lanier on Saturday, 13th May 2023.
Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Bare-knuckle Karate Fights!
Official Pay-Per-View from Gainesville, Georgia, USA.
Fighting starts at 7 PM.

1. Lars Wood (Shidokan Atlanta) vs. Mie Burton (Full Throttle) STYLE: Karate
2. Ron Woods (Full Throttle) vs. Quincy Sutton (Shidokan Atlanta) STYLE: Karate
3. Randy Finley (Shidokan Atlanta) vs. Christian Marzareigo (Mushindo ) STYLE: Karate
4. Elijah Valentine (Shidokan Atlanta) vs. Issac Hernadez (The Pit) STYLE: K1
5. Mark Luccesse (Chicago Fitness Center) vs. Pierre Broomsfield (Shidokan Atlanta) STYLE: K1
6. Dustin Lovingood (Shidokan Atlanta ) vs. Race Hill (Southern Martial Arts) STYLE: K1
7. Ekone Kangi (LEAVLIVIN Gym) vs. Miguel Rameriz (LEAVLIVIN Gym) STYLE: K1
8. Che Johnson (Shidokan Atlanta ) vs. Andra Powell (LEAVLIVIN Gym) STYLE: K1
9. Kamren Burton (Full Throttle ) vs. Cody Day (Greulbel's MMA) STYLE: Muay Thai